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Sleep Management Services of America

Who We Are

After several successful years of owning and operating a private sleep care facility in Florida, our leadership was approached by a local hospital to improve their existing sleep care program. Under their watchful supervision, the program flourished, improving the quality of care and efficiency, allowing for increasing financial returns. Since that time, we have built a reputation as the go-to partner for restructuring and reforming sleep centers for hospitals or for physician groups, transforming them into thriving centers that offer the best quality care available with efficiency and profitability. 

We attribute our success to two main contributors: our leadership team—which has over fifty years combined experience in hospital management, financial and operational corporate consulting, and project management—and the foundational values that shape our work. 

Our Purpose.

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all He's entrusted to us and a positive impact on everyone we meet.  

Our Mission.

To serve sleep care providers as a trusted partner to improve efficiency and efficacy in their level of care, building a long-term profitable path for growth into the future.

Our Values.


We “own” nothing - the team, our resources, and all assets have been entrusted to us to steward for impact and excellence.

Humility is the bedrock of growth, and we will be a culture of learners, equipped to give and receive feedback to constantly improve.

The character of our team will differentiate the nature of our work as we demonstrate our principles and faith in all that we do.


We pursue perfection and differentiate ourselves as solution providers with a tenacious commitment to constant improvement and premium quality of service to our customers.

We cultivate leadership at all levels, developing servant leaders who put the team above themselves and take ownership for solutions at all levels of the business.

We engage with unmitigated discipline in all things to unlock the opportunities before us and maximize the potential of the team on which we serve.


If you're ready to develop a new sleep center or find ways to improve the one you already have, contact us today for your free evaluation!

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